It seemed so obvious—beer, BBQ and whiskey—all things we love and all things that were made for each other. In building Smokestack as the restaurant and bar for our Dogpatch brewery, we thought: why not marry a brewery beer hall with a market-style BBQ joint and a killer whiskey bar? We also tapped into a quasi-historical fantasy of what we thought this space could have looked like at some point in Dogpatch’s heyday as the industrial heart and soul of San Francisco and the American West (or at least what we wanted it to look like). Once again, founder/brewmaster Dave McLean and a crew of generous and dedicated friends and colleagues transformed a space, this time into an efficient and modern production brewery and a comfortable and beautiful space to come together around good beer, good drinks, good food and warm hospitality.

Patience, Process, Brains & Grains

Our Dogpatch project was and is an exploration of further (or furthur), where to take things next while honoring where we come from. A large part of our story is the notion of time, patience and transformation — grain into beer, grain into whiskey, barrel-aging transforming beer, and time to transform meat into BBQ over slowly burning wood. It’s the magic of fermentation and the magic of BBQ — turning simple items into deliciousness with skill and patience. Much of the pork we cook has been raised on our spent brewery grain, another level of transformation and bringing things full circle, while some of our barrel-aged beer gets served alongside whiskey from the very same barrel. It all fits together so perfectly that it’s hard to see doing it any other way.