Our Beer

Beginning with Magnolia’s first brew of Blue Bell Bitter in 1997 to the latest Eclectic IPA or sour blended hybrid, the lineup at our Haight and Dogpatch pubs has beguiled customers for the past 20 years.  We strive to make beers that we like to drink, as well as to provide things that will continually surprise and satisfy both regulars and passers-by who wander in for the first time.

The past twenty-four years have seen a lot of change in the craft brewing movement.  Where before a stalwart handful of hop varieties and workmanlike base malts were what brewers had to work with, flavorful new hop cultivars and micro-malted grains have re-revolutionized what craft-conscious drinkers are finding in their glass.  It used to be you just picked up the phone and ordered your hops; now we know the farmers who grow them. And between British, Belgian, German, and American base and specialty malts on up to the malts produced by our friends at Admiral Malting over in Alameda or Skagit Valley Malting up in Washington State, we strive to make beers of flavor which respect the efforts of the craftspeople who grow, produce and process what goes into them.

Many of Magnolia’s ways are steeped in tradition but you’re as likely to find some of our radical new beers pulled right alongside, such things as Cucumber Squeeze IPA or Hot Guava Monster.  Our brewers are a talented bunch, and each one of them has come up with ideas old and new for the ever-changing lineup.

We take our beer seriously—but not that seriously—above all we want to share our inventive ideas with the people we make them for—our customers.  Quality and enjoyment are of preeminent importance.

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